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10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles

Do you like racing games? Do you ever play Need for Speed, DiRT, or maybe Grand Turismo ?, If yes you should feel your controller does not feel good for your racing games. Sometimes It does not feel right to turn your car without a steering wheel controller. So it is the time for you to find an upgrade for your gaming experience. On the market, there has been a lot of choices for a variety of budgets and requirements, and all of them can improve your gaming experience with your favorite racing games.

Every racing wheel has its own pros and cons, If you want something a bit more deluxe then you need a racing wheel that has a force feedback feature that can push against you when you steering or If you want more realistic racing then you need a dedicated clutch and a manual gears, it’s all up to you what type of racing wheel you need, but the important thing you should consider before buying a racing wheel is the compatibility and the quality of the force feedback and pedals.

Maybe you will start thinking which racing wheels that suit you? where should I start? Which is the best racing wheel for gaming? There is a good news that we got you covered, in this post we are trying to help you choose the best racing wheel, so let’s get started from our first recommended one!

Best Racing Wheel

1. Logitech G920 Driving Force

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - Logitech G920

Logitech G920 is the first Logitech Racing Wheel that designed for the Microsoft Gaming Platform like Xbox One with additional PC support. From the outside it the G920 continues the design from the G27 with major difference is the Xbox button on the front of the wheel, enhance your console gaming experience with your latest Xbox One. The G920 arrive with Dual-Motor Force Feedback to give you realistic force feedback effects for a precise response on every turn and type of terrain. The material of the G920 can handle long distance driving

The material of the G920 can handle long distance driving and specially built for long lasting reliability. It’s also covered with a hand-stitched leather that will give more comfort and experience. G920 give more precision control with its Helical Gearning to reduce any unwanted noise and vibration, plus with the anti-backlash to maximize your control by keeps tight the wheel and pedal. The game controls are easy to access, give you more flexibility. G920 put the console buttons including the D-Pad into the wheel so you can reach them whenever you want. The semi-automatic paddle helps you to complete your gear transition accurately.

Adjustable Pedal Unit gives you more realistic driving body position and maximum control. Let you maneuver your car comfortably. You can mount the G920 Securely to your table via the built-in clamps or the screw mounting points. The G920 support 900° Steering, giving you realistic turns on the track, so hand over hand on a wide turn is possible.

2. Thrustmaster T300RS

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - Thrustmaster T300RS

Comes with Official PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 License, the Thrustmaster T300RS become one of the most recommended high-end racing simulators for your PlayStation console. The system of your PS4 will automatically recognize the T300RS, it also has official PlayStation 4 Buttons (PS, SHARE, and OPTIONS). The firmware and Internal Memory is upgradeable.

It has versatile attachment system, make it compatible with all mounts type like desks, tables, and cockpits. The racing wheel featured with a brushed metal central spokes with the diameter of 11″ (27.94cm) make it feel realistic. The wheel angle is adjustable from 270 to 1080 degrees. Each Pedals height and spacing is fully adjustable for 6 possible positions, also featured with progressive resistance on the brake pedal. T300RS is compatible to the all currently Detachable racing wheel from Thrustmaster like the Ferrari F1 Addon, T500RS GT Wheel, or the Ferrari GTE Add-on.

It also featured the H.E.A.R.T technology like the on the Thrustmaster Joystick to give smooth and precise control, plus with a contactless magnetic sensor to avoid precision reduction over time. The force effect from the T300RS is super-responsive and realistic whatever type of terrain you drive into. The motor system also super silent allows you to focus on your race, giving you premium performance.

3. Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Wheel

The second Officially Licensed Racing Wheel for the PS4 and PS3 is Thrustmaster T150, even though its license for PlayStation, it’s also compatible with PC. Comes with 11″ size (27.94cm) make it feel realistic just like the T300, it also comes with a large pedal set. Built-in PS4/PS3 sliding switch and PlayStation 4 certified embedded software, make it automatically notice by your PS4 console. T150 also capable of doing 1080 degree of force feedback and the force feedback base featured with Immersion Touch Sense technology.

The T150 system has an adjustable force feedback to let you change every detail while you’re playing your favorite racing game. The wheel comes with a built-in official PlayStation 4 buttons (PS/SHARE/OPTIONS), So you can switch between game and console system function, navigate through console menu easily. The brake pedal also featured with progressive resistance. The wheel comes with a reinforced rubber-coated grips to give you maximum comfort. Sequential gear shifts come with 2 large metal wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters.

4. Logitech G29 Driving Force

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - Logitech G29

Actually, Logitech G29 is another sibling of Logitech G920 both of them have almost exactly the same features. The G920 specially made for Microsoft Gaming Platform, the G29 is for Sony PlayStation. Although it’s made for console, it will also work on PC too. Generally, this is a good racing wheel, one that may boost your enjoyment of racing games. If you have the old Logitech G27, this wheel offers some minor improvement over it.

About the look and feel, Logitech G29 does its best to be a real steering wheel. Comes with a large metal frame finished with a leather, with 27cm of diameter gives you enough power to dominate the race. In the front of the main steering wheel, there is standard PlayStation buttons make you easy to control your console system and navigate through the console system menu easily. On the inside it almost has the same features like the G920, it has the Dual Motor Force Feedback, Helical Gearing with Anti Backlash, Responsive Pedal Unit, and 900 degrees steering.

5. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition

The Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel comes with two edition the Leather Edition and Ferrari 458 Italia Edition. In this list we recommend you to check the Leather Edition. This Racing Wheel is the next-gen force feedback ready racing simulator for your XBox and PC. The main wheel is detachable and finished with a hand-stitched leather to offer a realistic racing sensation plus more comfort during a long racing session. It also boasts a complete set of equipment with two metal paddle shifters, one rotary switch, six action buttons, D-Pad, and adjustable angle up to 900 degrees

An Industrial class brushless servo motor fit-up the TX Servo Base, delivering super smooth, realistic, responsive, and seamless force feedback effect without any latency. The pedal is 100% metal provides maximum solidity and durability for intense use, it also adjustable to optimal comfort. The brake pedal also featured with Conical Rubber Brake Mod, to ensure progressive resistance. Optimized with a friction-free dual-belt mechanism give you smooth and vibration-free driving experience. The H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) technology also included on this racing wheel, giving you super precise control. The precision also not decreasing over time because of the contactless magnetic sensor.

6. Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel

Officially Licensed PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel allowing the Thrustmaster T80 to automatically recognized by the PS4. The Wheel grip coated with a rubber texture giving you maximum comfort for a long racing session and packed with two on-wheel sequential digital gear shift paddles. Optimized Large Pedal Set with a wide footrest and adjustable angle on each pedal to let you race comfortably. The Break Pedal has the progressive resistance as well. The main steering wheel comes with a complete set of equipment, built-in with main PlayStation buttons (SHARE/OPTIONS/PS), two sequential lever, D-Pad, and 11 action buttons. The sensitivity of wheel also adjustable to let you personalize the driving precision, also the T80 has an auto-centering feature so you don’t need to adjust manually the wheel when you stop playing.

The sensitivity of wheel also adjustable to let you personalize the driving precision, also the T80 has an auto-centering feature so you don’t need to adjust manually the wheel when you stop playing. The Thrustmaster “bungee cord” exclusive technology giving you realistic resistance. Last you can mount your T80 to all desk and table types and you don’t need to worry about the wheel fall off from your desk because it’s featured with a central clamping system that comes with wide jaws to give maximum stability.

7. Fanatec CSL Elite

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - Fanatec CSL Elite

Fanatec CSL Elite is one of the non-cheap steering wheels that give a highly customisable system. It has a lot of options, you can change almost everything on the CSL Elite sets, it includes the wheel base, pedals sets, main steering wheels and separated/independent brakes and shifters. But If you buy the CSL Elite you won’t get all of them, you just get 3 main components: the CSL Elite wheel base, the CSL Elite pedals, and the Xbox One P1 main steering wheel.

The CSL Wheel base is powerful enough to do 1080 degrees rotation giving you more flexibility and the rotation is adjustable in the tuning menu of the attached steering wheel, another plus is Fanatec provide more than 10 steering wheel types. Changing the Steering Wheels is easy, the quick release system allows you to exchange the wheel within seconds, even you are in gameplay. The wheel base includes with a table clamp which is able to lock a table with thickness around 1 – 6 cm. The pedals units made from a solid aluminum design. The force feedback also customizable even you are still in gameplay.

PU foam damper and metal spring on the Brake Pedal give more realism, the Rubber Pedal Covers are detachable offer a good grip on the soft surface. The distance between the pedal units is adjustable giving you more flexibility for comfortability. The Pedals are easy to remove from the hell rest and you can install them together on the main cockpit or stands it separately as well. The steering wheel has 3 digits LED display to shows data of your customization options of the steering wheel, it also has 12 buttons and 5-way D-Pad that are programmable to do multiple tasks.

8. HORI Racing Wheel Apex

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - HORI Racing Wheel Apex

Don’t have a racing wheel controller or can’t afford one? then HORI Racing Wheel Apex maybe the one for you. This wheel is good wheel if you are an entry level, it works with most of the racing games, it can be a good start for you to start racing with a steering wheel. The first you will notice is the looks of the wheel, fill with black color make it looks solid. The design has a cool and sporty look, the plastic and materials feel bulky make it solid and comfortable to hold.

The PlayStation Button also included on the main wheel, it works just like the actual PS4 Controller. The buttons are easy to access whenever you want. The default setting of the HORI Apex is not the best, because of that they provide a lot of customization options like sensitivity settings, with some tweaking you can set the racing experience to your suitable style. The racing wheel using a bungee system instead of force feedback system and it also have a wheel mounting system that allows you to mount the wheel on your desk to give more realistic experience.

9. SteelSeries SRW-S1

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - SteelSeries SRW-S1

SRW-S1 is a Steering wheel that is co-developed with SteelSeries. This is a high-performance racing wheel offers you fully simulated racing experience. The design is unique it easy to carry wherever you want. SRW-S1 is fully customizable make it more flexible to match your driving style. 15 fully programmable buttons and D-Pad are ready to setup. The steering sensitivity also adjustable, along with the quick rotary dials to aid your driving. The Wheel also gives realistic feeling and comfort grip because of the rubberized texture. Everything on the wheel on from the brake balance control to the rotary dials is always easy to reach.

This wheel works well with any major PC racing game on the market like DiRT, and Need for Speed Series. There are also RPM and Shift Indicator Light. Don’t worry about compatibility of the Indicator Light, there is already a driver to make it work for the non-simraceway game.

10. HORI Racing Wheel 4

10 Best Racing Wheel for Your PC and Consoles - HORI Racing Wheel 4

HORI Racing Wheel 4 allows you to enjoy an ultimate racing experience, it also compatible with PlayStation 3 and 4. Even it on the number 10 of the list it has decent feature including paddle shifters, vibration function, programmable buttons, and share buttons. The foot pedals are optimized to give maximum stability. HORI Racing Wheel 4 also have steering mode feature to give optimal control. The steering mode can be activated easily by turning the mode toggle switch to the ON position. If you are not on steering mode you can turn it off, it will act just like a regular DualShock4 Controller. The design is ergonomic and fully rubberized to give comfortable grips.

That’s it the best racing wheel for gaming. What do you think? which one of these racing wheels do you prefer the most? or you have your own best racing wheel list? Leave it on the comment!. Hope this list can help you choose the one that suits you and thanks for your visit we hope you enjoy!

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