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Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pad of 2017

What ? Mouse Pad for Gaming? Are you kidding? No, we are not kidding! please do not underestimate the power of a gaming mouse pad even it seems simple, it can boost up your gaming performance significantly, By upgrading your Mouse Pad to a Gaming Grade Mouse Pad it will increase your stability and precision, but if you want greater effect you can upgrade your standard mouse to a new gaming mouse (We will write the best gaming mouse article soon). If you already have the gaming mouse, the next step is to find a reliable surface for your gaming gears. That is why we create this post, we want to help you to choose what is the best gaming mouse pad that suits you.

Before you buy you need to know what gaming mouse pad you need, there are a few major parts you need to keep in mind: material, thickness, and size. The first is material because most of the modern gaming mouse has the ability known as a surface calibration, with this feature, the mouse will detect what surface you are playing and will adjust its feedback automatically. Next is thickness and size, gaming mouse pad offers a size from mini size (9.8 x 8.3 inches or 24.8 cm x 21 cm) to XXL (36 x 18 inches or 91.44 cm x 45.7 cm), so you can choose the size that suits you. Gamers that have limited desk space recommend to choose the mini size or if you have large space you can choose the large size so you can rest your keyboard on the pad as well.

If you are a pro gamer you need to be competitive, by buying a best gaming mouse pad it will give you accurate, fast and consistent movements that others cannot. So without any hesitation here is our exclusive list of the best gaming mouse pad of 2017:

Best Gaming Mouse Pad of 2017

1. SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

The SteelSeries QcK is one of the best gaming mouse pad that comes with a decent price, a mini to XXL size mouse pad with a rubber base, nice and smooth cloth surface make it decent to be the first on this list. If you are a fast twitch gamer or fps action gamer you need this mouse pad because it’s made specifically for high resolution and low sensitivity mouse settings game. It’s simple design and affordable cost make SteelSeries QcK be the most recognizable cloth mouse pad for starters and if you prefer a soft surface pad, this is the one we recommend.

If you like having more options, SteelSeries is your choice, they released several version of this mouse pad. The standard version of this mouse pad is good enough for a small desk and if you want other sizes, they also offer variety of sizes as well no matter how much the size you want or the space you have. Some reviewers also said they were able to play games smoothly because it’s smooth surface and by choosing the right size will give a big impact to your performance as well.

The coolest thing about SteelSeries QcK is they offer this mouse pad with a customization (Yes, you can create your own design), so you don’t need to worry about having your favorite games on the mouse pad. The cheapest QcK you can get is less than 10 bucks (mini version) and it’s likely the best value if you don’t like to spend over 10 bucks.

2. Razer Firefly

Razer Firefly - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

This is the latest edition of Razer gaming mouse pad, “Firefly” a perfect name for a stylish mouse pad that will enhance your gaming performance and experience. The Razer Firefly is an unusual mouse pad that comes with a hard surface and a full chroma (16.8 million colors) capabilities LED light around the edges, that make it to be the most uncommon electronic mouse pad on the planet. Razer also provides Razer’s Synapse software to custom the color of the LED light.

If you have another Razer Chroma peripherals, like the BlackWidow or DeathStalker Keyboard, you will see beautiful color patterns around the devices (although you didn’t spend much time to looking at them, it still look gorgeous), because the mouse pad has a syncs feature with other chroma devices.

Although the mouse pad using a hard surface, it will let the mouse glide smoothly across the surface and you can play any game genres comfortably mixed with visually appealing gaming mouse pad and of course, Razer suggest for the best result is by using a Razer Mouse that have 4G dual sensors. Though the price tag is a bit too high for just a mouse pad, still it will give you the best results for your gaming experience.

3. Logitech G440

Logitech G440 - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

The Logitech G440 is one of the best hard surface gaming mouse pad, with specifically crafted ultra stable high DPI surface, the G440 gives gamers the best traction performance. It has a minimalistic look with a gray pad color and blue Logitech Logo on the bottom right, but if you don’t like the default design Logitech offers dozens of designs as well.

It’s a good pick to choose a solid, hard surface mouse pad if you are a type of gamer that needs speed and low tactile resistance. Every PC gamers that need a smooth and rapid mouse movement tend to choose hard and low friction surface that allows them to move their mouse easily. While you play a game that requires fast movement like an RTS or MOBA where map navigation and players mobility become a crucial part, we recommend you to use a mouse pad with a hard surface like Logitech G440.

The surface of G440 might look really smooth but it’s actually a polyethylene surface with micro textures that gives great resistance. If you are a gamer that considering speed, Logitech G440 will be on our top priority list because of the minimalistic and ultra smooth surface.

4. Corsair Gaming MM300

Corsair Gaming MM300 - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 is a premium mouse pad that specially made for gamers and PC enthusiast that prioritize on durability and reliability. This mouse pad comes in three sizes  :

  • The Small Edition measures 265 x 210 x 3mm / 10.4 x 8.2 x 0.1 inches
  • The Medium Edition measures 360 x 300 x 3mm / 14.1 x 11.8 x 0.1 inches
  • The Extended Edition measures 930 x 300 x 3mm / 36.6 x 11.8 x 0.1 inches

Those first two sizes (Small & Medium) are only intended as a mouse surface, while the Extended Edition has bigger size that enough to put your mouse and keyboard together.

Remember to choose the right size, because as we said earlier by choosing the right size can boost your performance significantly.

At 3mm thick, the mouse pad will give you a stable surface to reduce any unwanted movement during intense gaming sessions. The Cloth Surface from MM300 gives you the best experience to glide your mouse, the cloth allows you to do a fast movement without fear of losing consistency. MM300 is very optimized for a gaming mouse that has a high DPI that will help you to improve your precision control, so you can keep the confidence to winning your game. MM300 also equipped with a stitched edges to guard against surface peeling and with textile weaved surface that specially design to boost your pixel-precise targeting.

5. Turtle Beach Drift

Turtle Beach Drift - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Turtle Beach released two version of mouse pad, TRACTION and DRIFT, now let’s just focused on DRIFT variant. Although it’s been 2017, The Turtle Beach Drift that made in 2015 is still on the top of best mouse pad because the power of the material that used on this mouse pad.

Gamers love this mouse pad because of its simplicity that equipped with a soft microfiber surface at the top that allows them to glide their mouse easily without feeling any distraction. On every corner, this mouse pad also equipped with stitched edges that can make your mouse pad more durable and will not tear easily. The stitched edges will always let you know if your hand is on the edge of the mouse pad. At the bottom, the mouse pad also equipped with a surface that can help the mouse pad stay in place / not moving around. This mouse pad has been hit hard the hardcore PC gamers community and proven to delivers the best level of dominance to every genre of games you play.

The Turtle Beach Drift comes in variety of sizes, including Medium (270x220mm), Large (350x250mm), X-Large (450x350mm) and Wide (900x300mm). The product cost depends on what size you pick and it is not too high and not too low between $15 to $35.

6. Corsair Gaming MM600

Corsair Gaming MM600 - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair Gaming MM600 is a gaming mouse pad that created with an airplane-grade aluminum. The MM600 features dual sided mouse surface, with this feature you can choose between a high-speed surface to improve your mouse movement speed when you play a game that requires fast movement like RTS or high texture surface to improve your accuracy and precision control when you play a game that needs a precise movement like an FPS game. The rubberized corner design to prevent the mouse pad from any unwanted movement during an intense gaming session. It would be great if you have laser gaming mouse because the surface is optimized for laser sensor.

On the first side (high-speed surface) the mouse comes with black-gray diamond design, the other side comes with plain black and both sides have Corsair Gaming Logo. The Corsair MM600 measures 13.90 x 10.70 x 0.20 inches / 352mm x 272mm x 5mm and the metal portion of MM600 is 3mm deep. Even it looks thin, the pad will only flex if you bend it from the edges.

Both sides of the mouse pad feel great to use, the dual sided feature give gamers more control to choose what surface mode that suitable to the game they play. All told, The Corsair MM600 is one of the best high-end mouse pad that you can buy.

7. Razer Vespula

Razer Vespula - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Vespula is a dual surface gaming mouse pad, just like Corsair MM600 both sides have its own capabilities. The Vespula gives two high-quality performance surface and with ergonomic comfort-gel wrist rest to help you play longer and protect you from carpal tunnel syndrome. The First side of the mousepad is a precision surface which is textured and bumpy to give you more precise movement and the second side is a smooth surface to give you more speed.

The mouse pad using a dull gray color on the hard surface to reduce reflection with glossy black trim and a bright green rubber on each corner. Just like the MM600, the rubber designed to keep the pad from moving around. The surface area also decorated with Razer logo and Vespula logo on the left bottom corner.

The Vespula is made from a rigid plastic, which is easy to carry with measures 0.8 x 12.6 x 10 inches / 20.32 x 320.04 x 254 mm. The most of the Vespula Thickness is because of the ergonomic wrist rest. This Vespula is made for those who want both the best performance and pixel precise movement possible, with the two different textures it’s possible. Razer Sold all of the Vespula version for $34.99 and if you think this mouse pad is something you want to add to your gaming arsenal, we are recommend you to buy the Vespula.

8. SteelSeries 4HD

SteelSeries 4HD - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Precision, speed, and stability are what SteelSeries 4HD made for. Optimized for High-Tech Gaming Mice, the SteelSeries 4HD is a professional gamers mouse pad that made with hard plastic composition. The Surface is finely textured and optimized to enhance the tracking capabilities of your gaming mouse and also optimized for a fast paced game. When it comes to design, the surface designed with solid black color with Steel Series logo on the left bottom corner at the top of the pad.

On the backside of the 4HD, there is a rubber layer that will give the mouse pad steadiness and to give solid grip to ensure that you have not to worry about your mouse pad moving around. The topside of 4HD has a textured surface that will help you to slide your mouse with the lowest amount of friction possible. 4HD using a High-Speed Surface that will make you capable of performing precise mouse movement even you doing a minimal movement in high velocity. The measurement is 240 x 290 x 2 mm / 9,4 x 11,4 x 0,08 in which is enough for mouse-only.

This mouse pad works well with lasers and optical mouse. If you are a cloth mouse pad fans maybe this is not for you, but if you are hard mouse pad fans, the 4HD will do everything for you. The pad is not too pricey as well, it’s below 30$ (won’t break your bank).

9. ROCCAT TAITO Control Mouse Pad

Roccat Taito Control - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Taito Control Mouse Pad is a gaming mouse pad from ROCCAT that adopt the capabilities of the original Taito and redesign it with an emphasis on precise control. The quality of the mouse pad is the first thing you need to see, the material used in this mouse pad feels quite heavy and smooth at the same time. The back side is made from a rubber to make sure you don’t slip while on an aggressive gaming session.

Taito Control is made for serious gamers who demand more control with a cloth mouse pad. The stitched border on gives the pad longer lifespan and not to peel easily. The surface is smoother than regular mouse pad that gives you swiftness, and also allows you give you an additional layer of accuracy to control your mouse precisely. Another plus of this mouse pad is the material on the front feel comfortable when you resting your wrist.

The Taito Control thickness is 3.5mm with comfortable mid sizes of 400 x 320mm, if you want more compact there is also available smaller sizes with 275 x 220mm. Generally, gamers pick the mid size because it’s not too big for the desk and it’s enough if you prefer for mouse only pad.

10. Kingston HyperX Fury Pro

Kingston HyperX Fury Pro - Best Gaming Mouse Pad

HyperX Fury Pro Gaming Mouse Pad is a gaming mouse pad from Kingston’s game branding, the HyperX brand has been built by Kingston over the past few years and as we know its a great brand for a memory and SSD. The HyperX Fury Pro Mouse Pad is a soft high-quality cloth pad with a rubberized bottom layer. The mouse pad ships with variety of sizes ranging from Small (240mm x 290mm) to XL (420mm x 900mm) with thickness 3-4mm which gives you some comfort to rest your wrist.

The mouse pad is solid black with small HyperX logo on the bottom right corner, the top part is made from quality cloth that gives more resistant. The bottom layer has a cross-weave rubber that helps the stability of the mouse pad. This mouse pad provides you a fast and smooth movement so its worth to purchase. The medium size is just 16$ and 30$ for the XL size.

That’s it the best gaming mouse pad of 2017, what do you think? which one of these pads that you want to add to your gaming arsenal? leave it on the comment!. If you have your own list or you have another mouse pad that are not on the list just leave a comment!. Thank you for your visit to read this post about best gaming mouse pad!

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