10 Best Earbuds for Gaming Featured

10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

Gaming has evolved from time to time and it always bringing more people to play regularly, it becomes a hobby for all people around the world. Along with it the equipment of gaming also become better as well. On the market, there has been a lot of gaming peripherals like gaming desk, chairs, monitors, speakers, headset, etc. One of the important things is the peripheral that produces sound. To produce sound gamers need to buy speakers, headset or earbuds. It’s not a secret that sound is the most important element of gaming, with a sound you can bring your game to life.

Some gamers prefer speakers, if you are this type of gamers you can check our previous article about best gaming speakers. There are also gamers that prefer to use a headset/headphones for private listening, but sometimes traditional gaming headset can be hot and uncomfortable for your ears, especially when you wore it for a long period of time. It also cumbersome when you want to carry your gaming headset for a trip because it takes a lot of space in your bag.

If you are a gamer that needs simplicity and portability the solution is by using an Earbuds because it can give you simplicity that headphones cannot. The advantage of Earbuds are less expensive than headphones, it light and less bulky, it means it gives good portability. Earbuds sit in your ear canals so it won’t disturb your glasses and earrings. Earbuds also great for those who play in noisy environments, it will provide great noise cancellation as the earbuds fit into your ear also as we said earlier earbuds is compact and easy to transport when compared to big headphones/headset.

In this post, we aim to give you a list of the best gaming earbuds that give great sound quality and feels great to use on other activity as well other than gaming. So, let’s jump into the list!

Here is the list of Best Gaming Earbuds

1. Granvela G10

Granvela G10 - 10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

The first best gaming earbuds on this list is the Granvela G10. The brand is not heard by us very often, we tend to choose a big brand name like Razer, SteelSeries, or TurtleBeach. Surprisingly this Granvela G10 is a great choice because of its price. Only for the price of $13, it has a great quality along with solid build construction made from aluminum. Although the price point lower than the other midrange earbuds on the market, the 9mm drivers on the inside of the Granvela G10 surprisingly can deliver great sound quality.

Another reason why this becomes the top priority is the microphone, with a little price it comes with a complete feature. It has a microphone, complete in-line control, splitter cables, and a carrying case. They also included a different size of ear tips, there are 2 extra memory foam ear tips and three gel-type ear tips. All of this makes the Granvela G10 become our top recommendation for you if you want a cheap price earbuds with great sound quality.


Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Earbuds - 10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

The second best gaming earbuds is Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Earbuds. ThermalTake or Tt is a popular brand in Asian countries. It’s an odd earbud, but it has some unique features that are not found on other earbuds. While standard earbuds only offer 9-10mm drivers, the ISURUS PRO offer you with insanely large 13.5mm drivers, the advantage of large drivers can give you superb bass output, better sound quality, and better audio performance.

The audio performance of ISURUS PRO performs really well, thanks to the large drivers. It gives you great bass response along with prominent mids and highs. Some control also available on the earbuds that will allow you to mute the mic as well as a button to control the music track. The unique feature of this earbud is the detachable microphone, the mic can effectively block all unwanted sound to give crystal clear audio. It also has another microphone that can automatically turn on the in-line mic when you detach the secondary mic. The ISURUS PRO guarantee you to be tangle-free because it uses a flat cable. This is definitely one pair of earbuds that we recommend if you want a great audio performance along with a great microphone flexibility.

3. Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 - 10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

Razer is one of the leading gaming peripheral company, one of their earbuds products is the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2. You may have noticed the V2, means this is the second generation of Hammerhead Pro. If you already use the previous version, you will not see a lot of improvements. The major difference is just on the design.

The earbuds have 10mm dynamic drivers 20% larger than the previous version, allow it to give greater sound quality for you to enjoy. The bass produce from the earbuds is amazing even for low frequencies, it makes every in-game sound become very noticeable. It has great body design along with flat cables, make the cable tangle-free to improve mobility and add toughness on the go.

It also has three quick control buttons along with an in-line microphone, that can be used to answer a call or control the volume. If you need a carrying case, for example when you are not using the earbuds and you want to keep them safe don’t worry because Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 comes with it as well. These earbuds is a good choice only if you have the money because it guarantees to boost your gaming experience. Otherwise, if money is your problem then we recommend you to find another one that matches your budget.

4. PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset

PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset

PlayStation, who don’t know this brand nowadays? one of the top-notch brand in console gaming now produce a gaming earbuds the PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset. It has 10mm driver which means can produce amazing sound quality and deliver perfect bass for you to enjoy. Even it branded with a “PlayStation” doesn’t mean it only compatible with PlayStation device, it also works almost on any device as well, like your Xbox or PC as long as it has an audio jack.

These earbuds offer rich audio performance allowing to boost your gaming experience. It also has a microphone that allows you to communicate with your friends, along with an in-line mute switch that let you mute the microphone. PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset also comes with three different ear tips sizes, so you can match it with your ear size and ensure comfort for a long gaming session.

5. Edifier P270 Gaming Earbuds

Edifier P270 Gaming Earbuds is a sports style earbuds that have 10mm driver which specialize to produces more natural sound, if you are kind of gamers that prefer neutral sound than bass-heavy sound, these earbuds are a very good choice. It is also a perfect choice for people who don’t use it only for gaming but for other activities as well like watching music and listening music, it has great sound quality even you use it for non-gaming devices.

The design of the P270 is pretty impressive even though this is a budget earbuds, with a low price you can get great quality earbuds along with professional looking design. In terms of Quality and Durability, the manufacturer said that the P270 had 13-step manufacturing process. Just like any others earbuds above, P270 also comes with a microphone and inline controls. Some additional silicone earcups for different ear sizes also available on the package.

6. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset

Another best earbuds for gaming is Sony MDRXB50AP, Sony is one of the most popular manufacturers that produce earbuds with powerful bass, so this is a good choice for people who want big bass experience. These earbuds are completely worth the price, you can enjoy an amazing sound and bass quality along with a great build quality, so you don’t need to worry about the durability. If you like light earbuds this is a good choice because these earbuds using a lightweight material that allows you to move freely.

The design of MDRXB50AP using a combination of metal and stylish plastic accents to create both modern design and great durability. The ear tips are made of hybrid silicone to provide excellent comfort, it also has 4 different sizes. It has integrated microphone and control button for music playback. Carry Pouch also included in the box, so you can keep them safe when you are not using it.

7. Sentey Bullex Gunmetal Earbuds

Sentey Bullex Gunmetal Earbuds - 10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

Sentey Bullex Gunmetal Earbuds is one of the best gaming earbuds because of the unique feature with interchangeable front caps to adjust the sound quality based on your music preferences. Sentey has made different earbuds that let you choose if you want more or less bass just by switching small piece of the earbuds, which is pretty convenient and flexible if you love both music and gaming.

Even it said for music, it also delivers great sound quality for gaming, but one downside of this earbuds it isn’t too compatible with gaming consoles like XBox and PlayStation.

Comes with a sleek looking design made from solid aluminum and with brushed metal create a luxurious premium looking earbuds with super durability and just like the other, these earbuds have an in-line mic and sound isolation to accommodate your communication. It also comes with a carrying case which makes it good traveling companion and 2 color sets of ear tips with S/M/L sizes.

8. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Premium in-ear Earbuds

Symphonized NRG 3.0 - 10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

Symphonized as a earbuds manufacture that creates best-looking earbuds. One of the best earbuds that suit your gaming needs is the Symphonized NRG 3.0, a premium in-ear Earbuds that Handcrafted with a Genuine Wood that capable to produce crisp sound with strong deep bass. The unique ear canal design of this earbuds can reduce ambient noise to improve your gaming audio experience. Symphonized also provide three sizes of silicone ear tips to ensure comfort for different ear sizes. The carrying pouch also available as well.

Just like the other, it comes with an in-line microphone and a button to control the volume and answer or end call. The cable using a dual colored tangle free TPE cable to give stylish look and ensure flexibility. The stylish design and amazing sound quality from NRG 3.0 earbuds are compatible with various entertainment devices, like a gaming console, PC, or Smartphone, just plug the standard 3.5mm jack and you are ready to go. If you love the unique material from this earbuds along with great sound quality, this can be a good choice, even it’s not specifically made for gaming but its a fantastic pair of earbuds join your gaming arsenal.

9. Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds

Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds - 10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

If you are serious gamers you should check this Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds, this is a gaming earphone that has some great features. On design perpective, we can see that the E.S. PRO 1 is a little bit bigger than the most of the gaming earbud to add aesthetic appeal. On the outer portion of the earbuds, it has four scratch marks that giving a nice touch. It chooses green as its dominant color with some black.

The sound produced by the earbuds is very amazing because of the 13.5mm drivers and just like the Tt Esports earbuds it has a detachable microphone. It is lightweight and gives immersive audio performance even its bigger than the most of the gaming earbuds. These earbuds also compatible with a variety of devices that have 3.5mm jack. For the price under $50 its worth the price and can be your next gaming earbuds to come to your gaming arsenal.

10. Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds

Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds - 10 Best Earbuds for Gaming

The ErgoFit Earbuds is the creation from the well-known electronics manufacturer Panasonic, with their experience they had, they can create these inexpensive earbuds with impressive audio performance. The frequency response of ErgoFit is between 20Hz – 20KHz with an impedance of 16 Ohms. It comes with 9mm driver which provides super kicking bass.

ErgoFit Earbuds also great for other activities other than gaming as well, like listening to music or watching a movie on your PC or Laptop. The material of this earbuds is somewhat sweat-resistant, which means great for you that like to go to the gym. It also has a nine vivid fashion color options, so you can choose which one that suits your mood and outfit. They also provide S/M/L size earpads as well to give you comfort and to ensure the earbuds won’t slip out.

That’s all the best earbuds that you can use to improve your gaming experience, hope it can help you to choose your new earbuds. If you have a suggestion just leave it in the comment section below and thanks for reading this post!

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